We sell authentic digital license for every software in the market. No packages or printed licenses, just digital products!
If we don’t have it on our website, doesn’t seem that we do not sell it.

Yes we sell at all corners of that beautiful world.
Most softwares are multilanguage, so if you bought a multilanguage software and you are from France, Italy or Africa of that matter, you can install it at your prefered language.
If by any changes the software you have bought is not multilanguage or it doesn’t have your language, don’t be afraid! All softwares have preinstalled the English language.
The language of the world.

By email!!! Since we talking about digital products it will be silly to send away a box with nothing inside ?
Well, since all softwares are 50mb+ we can’t send them via email BUT we send the digital license and the download link, so you can download it and install it.
* Most of the download links are directly from the manufacture website of the software, but some of them may be from cooperating websites.

Your licence will be delivered to the e-mail that you enter upon the purchase most of the times within 48 hours after successful payment. You will receive Information about installation and activation of your product (if necessary) as well as your product key or account (email and password) depends of the software.

* BUT please keep that in mind that at rare cases we may need up to 30days to complete your order.

Our address is here: 61 Bridge Street, Kington, England, HR5 3DJ.
You can come for a cup of coffee if you like ? remember though, we do not have any packages of any software here, all are digital! In matter of fact, our softwares , the ones we use are digital as well.

We can sell everywhere! We mean it. Individual, Organization, Nonprofit Organization, Business, Hospital, Public Authority, Government, State Department and so on.

At completion of the order we provide authenticity proofs along with the license and the software. We got you covered!


What payments do you accept;
We currently accept the following payments:

  • Credit Cards (Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Visa)
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal

We say BOTH. Depends if you are individual or NOT.
In order to send you invoice at order completion you have to add your business or organization VAT number in the checkout field.