I purchased a digital product – How do I receive my software?

Awesome! Now that you’ve purchased a software, You will receive it in 2 diffrent ways.

  1. An email with the download link and the product key has been send to your email address, the one you use to make the purchase.
  2. note has been created to your account with the download link and the product key. You can browse to your account dashboard to see it.
  3. Browse at your account orders (My account –> Orders) and you will see you order with the download link of the software and the product key.

You may need to wait up to 1 hour to receive your software, we need to evaluate your order before we proceed. In some rare cases you may need to wait up 24h while we risk assessment your order. If your order isn’t a fraud one, you don’t have to worry for anything.

If you paid with bank transfer you may need to wait a couple of days so we can receive the funds.